Pia Riverola

Growing up in Barcelona, Riverola was introduced to photography during her childhood, when her grandfather gifted her a point-and-shoot-camera.

This ignited a passion for capturing her immediate surroundings, a desire to preserve memories and moments of rare beauty within her everyday environment.

Having lived between Barcelona, New York, Mexico City, and Los Angeles, Riverola’s visual narratives are a combination of places and textures. Her work is an ethereal symphony of dreamy renderings, skillfully encapsulating the very essence of her subjects.

Possessing a keen eye for detail and color, Riverola works across the genres of fashion, still life, landscape, and architectural photography. Select clients include Calvin Klein, Apple, The Luxury Collection, M le Monde, Balenciaga, Google, Belmond, Loewe, The Wall Street Journal, Zara, Nike, Vogue, and more.

Contact Agent: Lindsey Steinberg lindsey@nevermindagency.com

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